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PR is added value!

From the topic to the headline. From the target group to the user. With public imaging, the true impact of PR becomes visible. The performance is tangible. It can be measured and targeted. Real enhancement, genuine VALUE ADDED.

We rely on the power of data. And on the power of topics. We gauge the markets and the media landscape before activating the channels of communication. We use these precisely and efficiently. With rhythm, depth and formats that have a lasting effect.


Our clients are always at the top of our agenda. Drawing on our experienced team of consultants and our panoply of PR tools, we offer very close contacts and exclusive know-how throughout all relevant target groups, ranging from institutional to retail clients, from B2B to B2C. In all facets.

Our clients are primarily asset managers, commercial and private banks, insurance providers, real estate developers, and companies from the fields of financial product sales, personnel services or management consulting.

We also serve start-ups, fintechs, and crypto and blockchain companies.


In addition to classical PR, content marketing, corporate media and media planning, we implement all forms of online solutions, podcasts, videos & films, webinars, social media and influencer PR.


The German-speaking D-A-CH region is our home. Through our partner network, we are active throughout Europe and in the USA as a service provider – and locally rooted.


As a leading agency, public imaging provides state-of-the-art communication in all disciplines. And always with a good story.

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